Frequently Asked Questions

This page includes general questions. For detailed questions about specifics in using NEO Pro, click Common Questions on NEO's Help menu. For common download/purchase related questions click below. If you still have questions, please connect to our support page.

License Registration process:
Shortly after you purchase your NEO product, you will receive, via email:
1. License code
2. License key
You will be directed to copy this information (exactly as it's written) into the License dialog found in the Help menu of NEO. This process will unlock NEO from its evaluation status. NOTE: If you do not have NEO loaded on your computer, it's simply a matter of downloading NEO.

What is Nelson Email Organizer?
NEO Find and NEO Pro are time-saving add-on applications designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook. NEO Find is designed for Outlook users having difficulties finding emails back; NEO Pro is a full email organizer for those users looking to significantly improve their email efficiency.

What's the difference between NEO Find and NEO Pro?
NEO Find is intended for users who continue to use Outlook as their email manager. NEO Pro, being a full email organizer, basically provides an alternative email interface providing innovative features to optimize email efficiency. NEO Pro is using Outlook to send, receive and store messages. See also NEO Find features or NEO Pro features.

When I use NEO Pro do I also need NEO Find?
No. All NEO Find features are also included in NEO Pro. However, if you use NEO Pro primarily to retrieve older emails then NEO Find is better optimized for this job.

Will NEO mess up my Outlook?
Not at all. NEO organizes your email by creating a separate catalog that is completely independent of Outlook. Outlook continues to collect your messages while you are using NEO. You can safely try NEO without any worries about losing messages or getting out of date. Read More

Does NEO store copies of my messages?
No. Only indexes to the messages are created and stored. Your Outlook messages continue to be updated.

What's needed to use NEO?
NEO works with any Microsoft Outlook version (32 or 64 bits) and any Windows Operating System - with or without Exchange Server (incl. Office 365).

I use Office 365. Will that work?
Office 365 comes with different bundles. NEO works with Office 365 when the subscription includes the Outlook package. NEO cannot work with Outlook Web Access or without an installed Outlook client.

What versions of Exchange Server does NEO work with?
NEO works with any Microsoft Exchange Server. NEO also works with offline and personal message stores (OST's and PST's).

Is Exchange Server required for NEO to work?
NEO works with or without Exchange Server.

Exchange users: does NEO work with Public Folders and IMAP?
NEO does not organize Public Folders but it does work with IMAP. Public Folders will be simply ignored by NEO. Your IMAP messages can be organized in your NEO catalog or you can create a separate IMAP catalog.

Does NEO work with multiple message stores (e.g., archive PSTs)?
Both NEO Find and NEO Pro organizes multiple message stores into a seamless view of your email.

How does NEO work with the Microsoft Security Update?
NEO is fully compliant with the Microsoft Security Update. If the security patch is installed, NEO will exactly match Outlook's security. In particular, you'll see the same attachments you see in Outlook.

Can I use Eudora with NEO?
No, but it's very easy to import files from Eudora directly into Outlook and work with them there. Eudora and Outlook interface easily with each other, so you'll have all the flexibility you need to use NEO to its full advantage.

Can I still use my Outlook calendar and contact list when using NEO Pro?
Yes. You can still use any and all of Outlook's features, and you can open a contact, task, etc. right from within NEO Pro. Outlook's features are not affected or altered in any way. If you wish, you can even use your Outlook email by itself.

What's the best way to start NEO?
It's best to always start Outlook first, then start NEO, and to keep Outlook running when NEO is running. If you enable the General Startup option (Tools | Options) "Start NEO when Outlook starts", then you just start Outlook in your normal way and Outlook will automatically start NEO. When using NEO Find you can also configure the product to minimize on startup so it will never be in your way when automatically starting together with Outlook.

Can I switch back and forth between Outlook and NEO?
You can easily switch back and forth using the button on the NEO toolbar. NEO Pro offers all of the features you need to take care of your regular email tasks such as creating, replying to, forwarding, and deleting messages, You can save time by running NEO every time you use Outlook. Or you can easily synchronize NEO with your Outlook messages. Within NEO Find, you can reply, forward or open a message in Outlook once found - also you can jump to the containing folder or drag the email to a new message as attachment.

What happens to all the folders I have set up in Outlook?
One of the great features of NEO Pro is that you can still use your Outlook folders and Outlook rules AND get all of the benefits of NEO Pro. Your Outlook folders are accessible from NEO Pro through NEO Pro's Outlook view. You can even make any Outlook folder Hot!

How does NEO affect my Outlook messages?
NEO Pro updates your Outlook folders each time you create, delete or move messages in NEO. Within NEO Find you can file or delete your message which updates your Outlook folders.

What happens if I forget to use NEO for my email and use Outlook instead?
If you create, receive or delete messages in Outlook without running NEO, you can automatically update NEO by clicking on the Synchronize button. It's easy.

Can NEO Pro tell the difference between spam mail and the mail I want to see?
NEO Pro is not an anti-SPAM product. However, NEO does help in automatically separating your Bulk Mail from your direct Correspondent mail.

What does making a folder hot mean in NEO Pro?
Making a folder hot means it is also displayed in your Hot view. You can make any folder in NEO Pro hot (including Outlook folders). It helps you focus on your important mail.

How can I learn more?
Visit our tutorials page. There are more than 15 bite-sized tutorials to take.

"A refreshing and powerful way to organize e-mail."
- Jack Kapica