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This section of NEO Help covers NEO Pro.

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Table of Contents



What is Nelson Email Organizer

A new way to think about email

Finding messages is a breeze

Companion product for Microsoft Outlook

NEO Tutorials

How NEO Works with Microsoft Outlook

Alternative interface for your email

Using Outlook features from NEO

Same message store

Indexing and the Catalog

How NEO works with Exchange Server

NEO is a client-side product

You can organize your Mailbox and your PSTs

Using your offline message store (OST)

Reminder – Synchronize each time you re-connect to the LAN

Getting Started

What's New in the latest version

Quick Reference Guide

Steps to Get You Going

Getting Oriented – NEO Tutorials

Ways to start NEO

It's best to start Outlook first and keep it running

Start NEO automatically when you start Outlook

Start NEO manually

Starting NEO with a specific Catalog by using a command line option.

Start NEO from Outlook

Start NEO automatically when you start your computer

Get help from within NEO

Support and Feedback

Things to do each day

Productivity Tips

Being Productive

NEO Application Notes

An Introduction to NEO Pro

Ways to use NEO

Finding Messages Quickly

Search for a message

Search on Conversation

Find a Correspondent quickly

Jump to all messages for a Correspondent (or Bulk Mail folder)

Learn keyboard actions

Some basic tips

Options & Customizing

Your Addresses

About Your Addresses

Auto-detecting your addresses on catalog creation

Adding and removing addresses


General Options

Workflow Options

Reading Pane Options

Formatting Options

New Mail Alert Options

Miscellaneous options

Other Ways to Customize

Resizing the Reading Pane

Resizing panes

Changing Folder List sort order

Changing Reading Pane fonts

Moving the View tabs

Undocking and docking views

Adding and changing columns

List pane Name column

Customizing toolbars and the menu

Customize menu and toolbar options

Master and user-defined categories 

Email Improperly Configured on your computer

Using with Outlook

Switching Between NEO and Outlook

Interacting with Outlook items

Switch quickly to Outlook

Open a new item in Outlook

Open the Outlook contact record

Work with Outlook mail folders 

Drag and drop to Outlook non-mail folders 

Interacting with Contacts and Address Books

When creating new Correspondent folders

When jumping to a Contact or Address Book entry

How NEO Works with Exchange Server

NEO is a client-side product

You can organize your Mailbox and your PSTs

Using your offline message store (OST)

Reminder – Synchronize each time  you  re-connect to the LAN

Synchronizing with Outlook

How it works ... in a nutshell

Always run NEO!

Exchange Server users

Non-Exchange Server users

Options Set in Outlook and Used in NEO

How to disable the Outlook New Mail sound and Tray Icon

Things we can't easily fix

NEO Views

Overview - Views

What are views?

Using views

Outlook View

Correspondent View

Bulk Mail View

Search View

Hot View 

Category View 

Status View 

Date View 

Attachment View 

Message Basics

Creating and responding to messages

Viewing a message  (Enter or Ctrl+O)

Creating a new message to an existing correspondent   (Ctrl+E)

Creating a new message   (Ctrl+N)

Replying to a message   (Ctrl+R)

Replying to all respondents in a message   (Ctrl+Shift+R)

Forwarding a message   (Ctrl+F)

Editing the message subject

Adding and editing message categories 

Editing and resending a message

Editing a message

Resending a message

Moving Back and Forward

Quick Filing Messages

Quick File

Quick File Recent

About Active Mail 

How Active Mail works

Using Active Mail to implement time-management compliant email workflow

Is Active Mail better than Quick Filing to folders?

Some prefer Quick File without Active Mail for Outlook-like behavior

How Active Mail is different

Using To Do 

How to Set or Change To Do Status

To Do Status in List Pane

Search on Conversation 

About 'Conversation'

Flagging Messages

Keeping Messages  Deleting Messages

Deleted messages go to Deleted Items

Deleting saved search folders and messages

Permanently deleting messages

Permanently delete messages directly

Delete messages from the Deleted Items folder

Empty the Deleted Items folder

Undoing Actions

UnDo-ing and ReDo-ing

Eligible Actions

Copy Reply-To Email Address to Clipboard 

Sending and Receiving

Viewing Message Properties

Message Symbols

Working in the Reading Pane

Reading Pane overview

Reading Pane Options

Clicking Links to Launch Your Browser

Editing in the Reading Pane

Resizing the Reading Pane

Changing Reading Pane Fonts

HTML messages

Plain text messages

Microsoft Outlook Rich Text

Choosing the HTML Reading Pane Viewer

What is the HTML Reading Pane?

Which viewer should you use?

More information about Email Security

Quick Filing & Snoozing

Using the Quick File Features

Quick File

Quick File Recent

Setting the Quick File designated folder

Changing how Backspace works with Quick File

Changing the Quick File Recent menu 

Procedure for Controlling the List

Snoozing Items until Later 

Snooze until Later... the process

Snooze until Later... the details

Active Mail & To Do

Using Active Mail 

How Active Mail works

Using Active Mail to implement time-management compliant email workflow

Is Active Mail better than Quick Filing to folders?

Some prefer Quick File without Active Mail for Outlook-like behavior

How Active Mail is different

How Active Mail is like a staging area 

A way to "action" mail

One way to think about Active Mail

Changing what new mail goes into Active Mail 

Changing the option works from this point onward!!

Choosing not to use Active Mail 

Want a simpler NEO?

How to set NEO up not to use Active Mail?

Switching back to using Active Mail

Using To Do 

How to Set or Change To Do Status

To Do Status in List Pane


Filtering Overview

Filter basics

Things you can do with filters

Filtering in NEO Pro 

If using the Correspondent and Bulk Mail filters

How to tell when a filter is on

New Mail Alerts

Working with New Mail Alerts

Setting the New Mail Alert options

Working with the Tray Icon

Working with the Popup

Folder Lists

Overview to Folder Lists

Folder Basics

Common folder operations

Special folder operations

Finding Folders in the List

Sorting the Folder List

Expanding and Collapsing the Folder List

Top-level folders - New, Current, ...

Automatic organization

Manual organization

Folder Groups

Adding a folder group

Deleting a folder group

Folder Properties

General Folder Properties

Top-level folder properties

Group folder properties

Correspondent or Bulk Mail folder properties

Spam Senders folder properties

Unsorted Bulk Mail Properties

Outlook Folders

Overview – Outlook Folder List

Making Outlook folders hot 

Working with user-defined folders

Viewing user-defined folders in NEO

Moving messages to Outlook folders

Copying messages to Outlook folders

Using the Outlook Rules Wizard

Adding, deleting, copying, moving and renaming folders

Working with non-mail folders

Drag and drop email to non-mail folders

Open non-mail folders in Outlook from NEO

Excluding folders from being organized in NEO

Correspondents & Bulk Mail



Correspondents Overview

Exporting Correspondent Details

Bulk Mail Overview

Email addressing types explained

How NEO classifies email

How and when NEO creates class folders

Keeping Your Addresses Up to Date

Creating Folders

Reorganizing Correspondence / Bulk Mail and using NEO Rules

Choosing Behavior and Address

Advanced Addressing Settings

Working with Correspondents & Bulk Mail

Keeping name folder information up to date

Combine two names / folders

Updating address information

Entering Email Addresses and Names

Adding, deleting, renaming name folders

Changing Correspondent folders to Bulk Mail and vice versa

Unsorted Bulk Mail

Creating Bulk Mail folders


About categories 

What are Categories

NEO categories are Outlook categories

How NEO categories are different

Categories and Outlook 2007

Categories in Category view 

Master and user-defined categories 

Master categories

User-defined categories

Ways to set categories 

Using the Category Picker

Using the Reading Pane Categories field

Drag to a Category folder

Assigning categories using NEO Rules

Assigning categories using the category picker 

Using Master Categories

Using your Current Categories

Editing, removing, deleting, merging, splitting, etc. 

Remove categories from messages

Remove category from messages and remove category folder

Edit a category

Create an empty category folder

Combine two categories

Split a category folder

Moving category folders between New, Current and Dormant

Creating category folder groups 

Category Folder List with sample groups defined


Overview - Attachments 

Attachment security 

Microsoft E-mail Security Update installed

Microsoft E-mail Security Update NOT installed

Opening attachments 

Saving attachments 

Removing attachments 



Entering search words and phrases

Easiest way to start a search

Entering search parameters

How to enter words to search

Search expressions and examples

About word indexing

Automatic background word indexing

Manually updating the word index

Saving Searches 

About Search Folders

Working with Search Folders

Searching in a Folder

Excluding Excluded and Deleted Items in Search

Why saved searches are useful 

Search on Conversation 

About 'Conversation'

Junk Mail - Spam

Junk Mail and its challenges

What is junk mail  (also known as SPAM)

What's not junk mail

The challenges of Junk Mail

Strategies for dealing with Junk Mail

NEO's approach

Directing Junk Mail to an Outlook folder

Using NEO to clear out your junk mail

Excluding Spam Folders from NEO

How to exclude folders from NEO

How it works

Using third-party spam detection programs

Blocking Spam senders

How blocking a Spam Sender works

The Spam Senders list

Deleting Spam Sender messages

Synchronizing with Outlook

About Synchronizing with Outlook

How it works ... in a nutshell

How to stay synchronized

Quick way to stay synchronized - Recommended!

More about synchronization

Choosing message stores to keep synchronized

When to synchronize manually

Exchange Server User ?

Not using Exchange Server ?

How to synchronize manually


Catalog Overview

Your first catalog

Multiple catalogs

Catalog Basics

Opening and Closing a Catalog

Opening a catalog

Closing a catalog

Your Message Stores

Message stores defined

Moving or closing your Outlook message store (Personal Folder, PST)

Adding and removing message stores

Set a time limit for older messages in the Catalog

Catalog Properties

General tab

Messages Stores tab

Creating and Deleting Catalogs

Creating a New Catalog

Catalog Settings

Deleting a Catalog

Catalog Maintenance

Rebuilding a Catalog

Restoring a Catalog from Backup

Backing up and restoring the catalog

Locating and moving the catalog


Printing messages

Printing message contents

Printing to a printer other than the default printer

Print Setup options

Buying, Registering, Updating

How to buy NEO

How to register your license

Your license

Entering your license information

Transferring your license to another computer

Reinstalling NEO on an existing system

Checking for product updates

Determining Your NEO Version

Uninstalling NEO

Thanks for trying NEO!

Common Questions

Using NEO

Downloading, Installing, Licensing ...


Keyboard shortcuts


Privacy Policy

Trademark Notices

End User License Agreement