What's new in NEO Pro 9

For what's new in the latest build 9060 / 9061 click here.
For what's new in the previous major version NEO Pro 8 click here.

You can download NEO Pro 9 here

New in NEO Pro 9.0

  • Introducing Dark Mode feature
    NEO Pro 9 introduces Dark Mode feature which can be enabled from Tools, Options, General tab.
    At first start, NEO Pro 9 offers the option to enable Dark Mode (or remain with regular color settings).
    After selecting Dark Mode, NEO Pro will restart to update all color settings.

    Detailed color settings used by the Dark Mode feature can be specified under Tools, Options, Format tab.
    After starting NEO Pro 9 first time, a pop-up window will provide the option to enable this feature; if selected, NEO Pro will restart to set all color settings correctly.
    Dark Mode feature can be switched on/off from Tools, Options, General tab.

New Features

    The following new features are introduced as part of the Dark Mode functionality:
  • Detailed color definitions
    On the Format tab under Tools, Options user definable colors have been added for best Dark Mode experience: background color of all panes and color of unread items. Also, in Dark Mode, the text color in all panes will follow color settings of 'received messages' (normally white or very light)
  • 'Apply Color' button
    To check your Dark Mode settings, an Apply Color button has been added to the Format tab under Tools, Options to apply defined colors without leaving this window.
  • Gridlines in message list adapted/optional
    In Dark Mode, gridlines in message list are adapted to the dark background and are less pronounced.
    Also in single-line message list, these gridlines are optional: go to Tools, Options then General tab (in multi-line message list these gridlines will always show).
  • Other elements adapted in Dark Mode:
    Searches are showing the search term in highlighted text but now with a dark font for better readability.
    Pop-up windows for the 'New Message' alerts are showing in Dark Mode style.

Issues Resolved

    The following issues have been resolved since the first beta release of NEO Pro 9:
  • Scrollbars styling
    In Dark Mode, scrollbars of NEO panes will now render in Dark Mode style.
  • Readability
    Font definition in Dark Mode has been optimized for readability.
  • Other Dark Mode issues
    Under options it is clarified that NEO Pro will restart after changing the Dark Mode option
    Various smaller white areas have been resolved to provide a smoother experience.
  • Other resolved issues:
  • Jumping scrollbar
    After removing a message from a folder with the list not positioned at the top, the list jumped to the top instead of showing the next focus message.
  • Notes background color
    After switching back to non-Dark Mode, the background color of Notes remained dark.
  • Starting with Outlook
    Outlook did not start NEO Pro if so defined under Options in NEO Pro.
  • Rendering messages
    Several issues with rendering messages in the preview pane have been resolved.
  • Starting NEO Pro
    Starting NEO Pro while holding Shift key, occassionally caused Access Violation errors.
  • Folder clean-up
    Sometimes empty folders could not be removed from the NEO Pro sytem.
  • Snoozed Folder issue
    If 'Snoozed Items' folder was removed from Hot view, then folder reappeared after restart.
  • HTML messages
    In rare cases, part of HTML did not show using the NEO Pro HTML rendering engine.

Known Issues

  • Color of title bar
    The color of NEO Pro's title bar is controlled by Windows settings: for a darker color, go to Windows Settings (Windows key + I) then to Personalization, Color, Accent Color then check 'Show accent color on title bars and window borders'.
  • Columns headings
    For a message list without scrollbar, occassionally a white box shows where the scrollbar would normally be located; this can be resolved by manually widening the right-most column (either move it to the right, or enlarge this column); thereafter this white box shouldn't show anymore.
  • Color definitions
    For the background color, sometimes predefined window color definitions do not render properly (e.g., ButtonShadow); in this case, using the 'custom' entry, any preferred color can be defined.