NEO Pro Features

Here are 10+ reasons to use NEO Pro:

Multiple PST's

1 Include all data files

You can include all your data files (Exchange mailboxes, PST's and IMAP).

Removes Outlook's limited ability to view and search messages across data files.

2 Make your favorites Hot

Put any NEO or Outlook folder into your Hot view for easy access.

Especially useful for frequently used Outlook folders and correspondents you are communicating actively with.

Make Your Favorites Quickly Accessible
Manage your Outlook categories in Category View

3 Manage your Outlook categories in Category View

Select a category from the Folder List on the left and all the messages containing that category appear on the right.

Easy to rename, group and manage categories.

4 Different views

Automatically created folders for different organizations.

Messages are easier to find because the same message is organized in different ways.

Three Additional Views
The Filter Toolbar

5 Advanced filtering

Flexible advanced filters.

Zero-in on just the messages you want to see. For example, all unread messages exclusively to me in the past 5 days.

6 Message Keep

Keep messages you donít want to accidentally delete - for those important messages.

To delete a kept message you must remove the Keep status first.

Keep messages you don't want deleted.
Freedom to dock various views. Place preview pane to the righthand side for wide screens.

7 Undockable views and
preview pane to the right

Undock any view to dock onto the workspace surface. Place preview pane to the righthand side for optimal usage of wider screens.

The layout on the left is optimized for use with Categories and Search, while placing the reading pane on the right-hand side.

8 Active Mail & To Do

Two special Status folders.

Can be used with or without Quick File to give additional workflow control.

Active Mail and To Do
Save your searches.

9 Saved Searches

For searches you need often, you can save them and rerun them by right-clicking and choosing Refresh Search.

You can also provide your own names and organize them into folders (e.g., Design, Meetings).

You can even make them Hot so they appear in your Hot view.

10 More Features

Okay, so we couldn't fit all the NEO Pro features into 10 items.

Here are three more Ö

More Features

"This may be the biggest boon to the office since free coffee."
- Ron White