Feature Comparison:
NEO Find and NEO Pro

To help you make your choice between NEO Find and NEO Pro, you will find here a comparison between features of both products.

NEO Find: An easy to use, highly effective Email Finder for Outlook users.
NEO Pro:
Providing many advanced features making a complete email organizer.

Feature - Description
Preferred email manager - The interface to manage your daily emails
Virtual folders - Patented shortcut technology allows messages to appear in logical folders independent of their actual location in your Outlook system.
Correspondent folders - All messages TO and FROM a person appear in a single folder, automatically organized and maintained.
NEO Power Search - All your messages are instantly accessible. Save time by searching up to 100 times faster than Outlook. Search within virtual folder to quickly get to the message needed.
Search on conversation (email thread) - Display all related messages for the selected message.
Filter toolbar - Filter toolbar to filter messages. Use in any combination. More extensive filtering in NEO Pro.

Integration with Outlook - No worry about synchronization. All needed functionalities available. Extended integration for NEO Pro.
Saved Search Results - Search results can be saved into folders and refreshed.
Runs unnoticed in background - Minimizes in System Tray when not needed. Not unnecessarily occupying space in the normal Outlook window.
Outlook folders available - The Outlook view shows all your Outlook folders for easy reference. Double-click to jump to folder in OL.
Active Mail - The uncluttered alternative for the inbox.
Bulk Mail - Separate direct correspondence from indirect e-newsletters, discussion lists, and so on. Virtual bulk mail folders.
Category View - Assign keywords to messages with Categories. Virtual folders organize categorized messages.
Hot Mail - Your favorite (virtual) folders bringing only those folders to the front you like to see daily.
Status View - Contains folders containing messages of the same state such as Active Mail, To Do, Unread, Keep, Important and so on.
Date View - Messages automatically grouped into date folders by when they are sent and received.
Attachment View - Shows all your messages grouped by the type of attachments they contain (e.g., all DOC together).
Keep messages - When marked for keeping, you can't delete the message unless you un-keep it.
Block Spam Senders - With the click of a button, all future email from the sender's address is directed to a restricted 'Spam Senders' folder that you can browse or empty.
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