NEO Find Features

NEO Find is providing a very powerful and innovative solution to find your emails back no matter how deep they are buried in Outlook.

Feature Benefit How it works
NEO Find
Virtual folders

Messages appear where you expect them - automatically!

Our shortcut technology allows a message to appear in logical locations without copying. Messages are very easy to find because they are displayed exactly where you expect them to be, namely in the folder of the person you communicated with (containing both sent and received messages).

Correspondent folders

See all messages TO and FROM a correspondent in a single (virtual) folder, no matter how many email addresses they have.

Messages are automatically organized into correspondent folders for you.

Works seamlessly with Outlook

Use Outlook to manage your emails.

Switch quickly to NEO Find to retrieve older emails instantly. Open email from NEO Find or jump to containing Outlook folder including basic message handling capabilities. You can even drag emails from NEO Find and attach them to a new email.

Unified multiple message stores

Unparalleled ability to quickly view and search across all your data files (message stores). Overcomes Outlook's limited abilities across message stores.

You decide which of your Exchange Mailbox, Personal Folders (PSTs) or IMAP stores you want organized.

Search on conversation

Zero-in on a single conversation.

Display all related messages for the selected message.

NEO Power Search

All your messages are instantly accessible. Save time and headaches by searching up to 100 times faster than Outlook.

Every word in every single message is fully indexed on-the-fly.

Filter toolbar

Reduce clutter - see only the mail you want to see.

Filter toolbar with different ways to filter messages.

Saved Search Results

Boosts efficiency when doing repetitive searching.

Search results can be saved into folders and refreshed.

Runs unnoticed in the background

NEO Find hides in system tray when not needed.No additional clutter in your Outlook interface.

NEO Find can be configured to start together with Outlook. When minimized, NEO Find hides in the system tray. Just click its icon when you need to find your messages. You can even configure NEO Find to start with Outlook and hide immediately in the system tray. When closing Outlook, also NEO Find will close.

"This may be the biggest boon to the office since free coffee."
- Ron White