Common Downloading Questions

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What's needed to use NEO Find or NEO Pro?

NEO works with any Microsoft Outlook version (32 or 64 bits) and runs on any Windows Operating System.
NEO also works with all versions of Exchange Server.
NEO does not work with Outlook Web Access or non-Outlook e-mail programs.

Will NEO mess up my Outlook?

Not at all. NEO organizes your email by creating a separate catalog that is completely independent of Outlook. Outlook continues to collect your messages while you are using NEO. You can safely try NEO without any worries about losing messages or getting out of date.

Also NEO does not affect your Outlook settings or options.

Does NEO store copies of Outlook messages?

No. NEO stores indexes (shortcuts) to your Outlook messages. However, if you create a message in NEO the message will appear in your Outlook message folder. Similarly if you delete a message in NEO it will be deleted in Outlook. You can also move messages between Outlook folders from within NEO and the move takes place within Outlook.

All these actions are safely performed using MAPI - Microsoft's standard interface to Microsoft message stores.

Can I continue to use Outlook?

Absolutely. NEO does not stop you from using any of Outlook's features – they are not affected in any way. You can use NEO alone, NEO with Outlook, or Outlook alone. You can easily move into and out of Outlook, and your Outlook messages are always up to date and safe.

What happens to all my Outlook folders?

You can still use your Outlook folders and your Outlook rules while getting all of the benefits that NEO offers. Your Outlook folders are accessible from NEO through NEO's Outlook view. You can even make an Outlook folder Hot in NEO Pro!

Does NEO work with all parts of Outlook?

NEO focuses on email, but does provide quick access to your Calendar, Tasks, and so on. However, NEO does not integrate with Public Folders (Exchange users).

NEO organizes multiple message stores including your IMAP message store into a seamless view of your email.

How do I download, install and start NEO Find or NEO Pro?

To download a NEO product, start on our download page. Choose your product (NEO Find or NEO Pro), then click Download Now and follow the instructions. Save the file to a location on your computer.

To install NEO, double-click the file you downloaded then follow the instructions of the installation program.

To start NEO, double-click the NEO icon on your desktop. When you start NEO for the first time, a catalog is created that contains your NEO data. Again follow the wizard instructions.

While the download and install steps are very fast, the time required to create the catalog increases the more messages you have. Typically, it takes a few minutes for a few thousand messages ... but this is only required the first time you start NEO.

Is NEO easy to uninstall?

Yes. Use Add/Remove Programs in your Control Panel and select NEO Find or NEO Pro. Outlook settings are never changed and all your messages are left intact. By the way, Outlook always continues to get messages whether you are using NEO or not.

How do I re-install NEO?

Double-click the newly downloaded file and install it just as you did your previous version. Install it right over top of your existing version.

You do not need to uninstall the previous version first (in fact we strongly suggest you don't in order to preserve your customizations).

Is the trial version different from the "final" version?

No. The trial version is a fully functional version and in no way different from the licensed product. When you purchase NEO Find or NEO Pro we will send you the license information that you enter into the product you have running to activate the product.

Do I have to re-download on purchase?

No. All you need to do is enter the the registration information that we email to you.

How often can I download?

As often as you like. If you do download more than once, we suggest you use the same email address as previously.

What upgrades do I get for free?

If you are an unlicensed user you are entitled to download and try out any version of NEO provided your trial period has not expired.

If you are a licensed user you are entitled to all versions of the same major version level. For example, if you purchased version 6.0, you are entitled to free upgrades for all 6.x versions (e.g., 6.1, 6.2, etc.).

How do I know I have the latest version?

Click Check for Updates on the NEO Help menu or from Help | About.

Can I try NEO again if my trial period has ended?

When we introduce a new release of NEO we usually automatically renew the evaluation license. So, if you are downloading a new release, you can try again if trying a new NEO version.

If you want to try the same release again but your trial period is over, send an email to and we will send you a temporary trial extension. It may take a day or so to get back to you.

What type of product support can I expect?

We provide free email support for NEO Find and NEO Pro users during the first 3 months after starting NEO. After the Start-up Support you can choose from the following support options:

  • Free Online Technical Support
  • Premium Support Program offering Next Business Day email support
  • Remote Desktop Support Program for live support using remote login technologies (available from Premium Support members only)

For further information on these Support options please go to our Support page.