Category Synchronizer

Synchronize your categories between Outlook 2003 (or earlier) and Outlook 2007/2010

  • Add categories from registry to PST
  • Add categories from PST to registry
  • Or synchronize registry and PST to contain same set of categories
  • NEO Pro, Outlook and Track Your Sent utility will all use same set of categories
  • Free utility - no license required

How it Works

Download the Category Synchronizer (, unzip the file anywhere on your computer and run the program.

When Outlook is not running, it will start Outlook in the background to access the categories.
The available categories in registry and PST will be shown side by side with three synchronize options. Synchronizing will only add categories and not replace existing ones.

To synchronize your NEO categories first add them within NEO to the Master Category List which will save them into the registry (this can be done easily using NEO's category picker - click Ctrl+T to open the category picker).

When making changes to categories in NEO or Outlook while the Category Synchronizer is running, you can use the Refresh button to update the lists.

After synchronization, you can exit the program. For Outlook and NEO to use the same set of categories synchronize both registry and PST.

You can run the Category Synchronizer as often as needed.
This is a Free utility - no license required

System Requirements

Category Synchronizer is for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 with or without Exchange Server.


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