Btrieve 12 download

       NEO Pro 7 and NEO Find 3 are using Btrieve 12 for their catalogs.
       In case you need to download/install Btrieve 12 separately from your NEO product, you can do so here:

       Download Btrieve 12

     Instructions to install:
  • Close Outlook and NEO.
  • Click the link above to download Btrieve 12 installer.
  • Run the downloaded file.
  • Click Unzip in the dialog after which the installer will start.
  • Click 'Install Btrieve 12' in the main dialog.
  • Keep all defaults; in final screen uncheck 'Authorize Now' as NEO will manage the Btrieve 12 license.
  • Click Finalize to start the install.

  • In case of questions you can contact us at