Common Purchasing Questions

If your question isn't answered below, please email us.

How much does NEO Find and NEO Pro cost? What about discounts?

NEO Pro: Single seat price - reduced from US$69.95 to US$49.95 only
Although every new NEO Pro version introduces new en enhanced features we decided not to increase our license pricing.

NEO Find: Single seat price - US$19.95

Check out our purchase page for upgrade pricing and promotional coupons. You will find volume discount pricing on our volume pricing page.

What currencies can I purchase NEO with?

We are offering NEO in US$ and Euro (€) currencies.

What methods of payment are available?

You can purchase online using your credit card over a secure connection. You can also arrange to pay using PayPal or corporate purchase order.

For volume pricing information submit a request online via our Get info page.

What are the steps in purchasing my NEO product?

  1. Start on our Buy Now page. Decide which NEO product/upgrade to purchase, click the respective "Enter Store" button on our Purchase page, then follow the directions provided.

  2. When your payment transaction has completed, you will be sent an email that details the transaction and includes your license info.

  3. Enter your license information (see next item).

  4. Print and save your license information in a safe place in case you need it later.

How do I license NEO Find or NEO Pro?

When you purchase a NEO product you will be sent a license code and key. These two components work together. If you change any part of either one, you won’t be registered. Here are the steps:

  1. Click License on the Help menu. If your evaluation period is over you can click a register button when you start NEO.

  2. Enter your license code and license key exactly as provided to you, including upper and lower case. It's easiest to copy and paste it from the email message containing it.

  3. Click activate.

  4. If invalid, check the email message you received it on and try it again.

We recommend you print and save the message containing your registration information in case you need it later.

Do I get upgrades for free?

As a licensed user you are entitled to all versions of the same major version level. For example, if you purchased version 6.0, you are entitled to free upgrades for all 6.x versions (e.g., 6.1, 6.2, etc.).

We offer attractive upgrade pricing to upgrade to another major release (e.g., 6.3 to 7.0).

Am I sent the "final" version?

No we don’t send anything except the license information. The trial version actually is the final version. Enter the license information into the NEO product you first downloaded. Simply by entering the license information, the trial period is removed and you’re all set.

Does my license permit me to use NEO Find or NEO Pro on multiple computers?

Not for NEO Find - you can only use a single copy of NEO Find on a single computer. As special promotion, we allow individual licenses of NEO Pro to be used on a 2nd system for personal, non-concurrent use only. When purchasing multiple copies of NEO Find or NEO Pro, volume discounts apply from 2nd seat onward.

Do I have to re-register when I upgrade my NEO product?

You’ll automatically stay licensed if you are upgrading the same major version (e.g., 6.1 to 6.2).

If you are upgrading to a new major release (for which we offer an upgrade price), you will need to purchase an upgrade and enter the new registration information.

Will I stay licensed if I upgrade my computer?

In all likelihood, yes. If not, simply enter your license information again.

How do I transfer my license to another computer?

Before uninstalling or transferring your NEO product you must FIRST deactivate your license BEFORE this license can be used on another computer. To do this, go within NEO to Help | License and click Deactivate. Failing to deactivate your license may invalidate the license requiring to purchase a new license.

What if I lose my license information?

Click Resend License Information on the Online Technical Support page or purchase a backup CD containing your installed software version and your license information.