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Offering Outlook's most wanted feature...

... adding a Note to your e-mails:

Notes4Email lets you pin an Outlook Note to your e-mails!
Non-intrusive by using the standard Notes functionality of Outlook

Download free trial   version 1.10 build 142
for any (32 or 64 bit) Outlook version

Free Trial

  $7 ONLY
or earn a 50% discount

Easy, effective and reliable...

No complicated software, no additional database systems, no additional areas on your screen...
Simply add your comments in a native Outlook Note to your e-mail.
The note will be added as attachment so you will benefit from all features of Outlook attachments:
  • See the first line of your Note directly in the reading pane of the email
  • Simply click the Note attachment icon to see the entire content
  • Forward the e-mail to share your note with others or use Reply to send without the note
  • Use Outlook Search to search within your notes (Outlook also searches within attachments)
  • An additional yellow category ('Notes4Email') makes your noted e-mails clearly visible and even easier to find.
No need to learn Outlook Notes... No need to learn Categories...
Simply focus on the comments you like to add and Notes4Email will do the rest.

How it Works

1. Add (or Edit) a Note to your e-mail in Outlook
Download and install 'Outlook Notes for Email'.

After starting Outlook, simply click the Add/Edit Note icon on the Ribbon to add a note to your message ...
... and type your comments in the note-form (click 'Add Timestamp' to add current date/time).

When done, click OK.
And that's all...!
  • Your comments will be attached as a native Outlook note to your message - first line is directly visible in the reading pane
  • When your note contains multiple lines, simply click the Notes attachment icon to see the entire content
  • For added visibility an optional yellow Category ('Notes4Email') is added to your message
  • To edit your note, simply click the Add/Edit Note icon again.
  • Forward the message to share your note with others or use Reply to keep the note local
    (you can also use Forward but then delete the note attachment to keep your notes local)
The additional yellow category is added for better visibility on noted emails and to help you find your notes (see below).
To change the category that is added or if you don't want to add a category click the 'Configure' button then Options.
- For Outlook 2003 also a yellow flag is added as categories are not very visible in Outlook 2003
- Forwarding or replying will remove the category as Outlook will never send categories with your outgoing messages (for Outlook 2007 and later).
2. Finished with a Note?
You can either Delete the Note or, if you like to keep your comments, simply remove the Notes4Email category - your Note will remain with the message but the message will not show up anymore when searching for messages having a Note (see 'Find your Notes' below).
1. Delete Note
To delete the Note, simply click the Delete Note button on the Ribbon. This will delete the Note and remove the Category that was added.
For Outlook 2003 this will also remove the yellow flag
2. Remove Category
To remove the Notes4Email category, click the Categorize icon on the Home tab of the Ribbon and deselect this category by clicking it.
3. Find your Notes
Three easy ways to quickly find your Notes:
1. Use Outlook Search to find the Category
- Click in the Search edit box in Outlook
- On the Search tab that now opens, click 'Categorized' ...
- ... then select the 'Notes4Email' category

You will now find all your messages that have a Note attached.
2. Use Outlook Search to find text in your Notes
- Click in the Search edit box in Outlook
- Enter text from your Note
- Outlook will now search in all messages and attachments

You will now find messages that have this text either in the message itself or in any of the attachments.
3. Or combine the two
- In the Search tab first select the category as under 1.
- Then in the Search edit box add some text from your Note

This is the most powerful way as you now search the text only through messages that have a Note attached.
4. And a last tip...
Outlook sometimes opens a new tab blocking access to the Notes4Email icons. To always have easy access to these icons, simply add them to the Quick Access Toolbar:
- on the Home ribbon tab, right-click these icons
- from the sub-menu select 'Add To Quick Access Toolbar'

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