What's new in NEO Pro 8

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You can download NEO Pro 8 here

New in NEO Pro 8.0

  • Introducing a new, modern, lightweight, and fast SQL database for NEO Pro's catalog
    NEO Pro 8 introduces a new, modern SQL based database system for NEO's catalog. After migrating to NEO Pro 8, the Actian Btrieve 12 product is not needed anymore (and if so required can be uninstalled). The new database system is not requiring a separate license so the license of NEO Pro suffices to run the product.
    After starting NEO Pro 8 for first time, the Btrieve 12 database is migrated to the new SQL format; after this NEO Pro will force a restart followed by a rebuild of the catalog. Without this rebuild the new catalog cannot be used. Make sure to allow sufficient time to run the rebuild of the catalog. For this first migration NEO Pro 8 needs the Btrieve database engine - thereafter, Btrieve 12 will not be used anymore by NEO Pro 8.
    NEO Pro 8 is not changing the Btrieve 12 database files used by NEO Pro 7. As long as the Btrieve 12 product has not been uninstalled, NEO Pro 7 can be used in parallel to (but not at the same time as) NEO Pro 8.
    The new database system of NEO Pro 8 makes the product ready for the decades ahead.
  • Rebuilding of the catalog and searches are, depending on exact machine configurations, significantly faster (40% - 60% faster from the tests done on different systems).
  • Native 64 bit SQL configuration - no further need of the in-house developed interface file to link 64 bit NEO Pro to 32 bit Btrieve.

New Features

  • Recalculate folder counts
    Occasionally folder counts were inaccurate. Under Folder Properties the folder counts can now be recalculated
  • Migration of Btrieve catalog
    NEO Pro 8 will attempt to migrate the Btrieve catalog at first startup or upon opening an existing Btrieve catalog. In case of problems with the Btrieve engine, this migration can be cancelled after which a new catalog will then be created.
  • Full logging to support diagnostics
    Option for Full Logging now includes more regular logging as well for better diagnostics; contact support@caelo.com to enable Full Logging in case of specific errors

Issues Resolved

  • Database issues related to Btrieve
    Database errors related to licensing of the Btrieve 12 product will not occur anymore (a.o. database error 161).
  • Product stability
    A number of technical changes have been implemented to improve product stability.
  • Busy opening a message
    Improvements to prevent 'Outlook busy opening a message' have been implemented.
  • Product closing
    Closing NEO Pro caused occasionally errors; the closing process is now improved.
  • Delays
    Improvements to prevent occasional delay in opening a message from NEO Pro.

Known Issues

  • Earlier (beta) builds
    To ensure database integrity it is advised to run a Catalog Rebuild after installing latest product version.