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Eric Hoddenbagh - Information Security Officer
Receives approx. 50 emails a day and saves .5 to 1 hour a day

Managing projects that span multiple offices globally, I rely mostly on email for communication. To keep track and to be able to find information, I created project and recipient folders in Outlook and moved the emails manually. NEO does this automatically. For projects I use the Category field.

Because of online storage limitations I need to move my email to off-line PST files now and then. With NEO I will still be able to see all those emails pertaining to projects or recipients in one view. This would be nearly impossible with Outlook.

Aside from my daily business I do get a lot of newsletters and don't want those to clutter up my inbox. The bulk mail feature is a great support in managing those lists. I can plan some time in my schedule to review the newsletters later and concentrate on the issues that need immediate attention.

I do receive a lot of email attachments and finding them was a chore in Outlook. Now in NEO it's easy with the attachment tab, just look or search under the extension, and get the entire list of attachment names. Easy to sort and compare versions.

Finally, the support I receive when I have questions is superb! The developer/support team is very close to the user and it show in response times and delivered solutions. Thanks Caelo!

Why am I rambling, just download a trial version and see for yourself. Use it and love it!! And no, I'm not being paid or coerced to say these things, nor do I work for Caelo :)

Daniel Endy – Technology Executive
Saves 3/4 hour a day with NEO

NEO helps me process email the way I want. Outlook makes me process email inefficiently and make searching and finding old or related emails extremely difficult and slow. I always felt out of control and was often missing things I wanted to remember.

Now that I have NEO, I feel totally in control of my email. It works the way I want, I don't forget items and I can find related emails instantly. And I can execute searches 100's of times faster than in Outlook. Plus I can save a frequent search and put a link to it in my hot list for easy access later.

I like to process my email by working mainly with the Active Mail view. I start with a view of all my Active, non-bulk, email. I can view mail easily and I control if it gets marked "read" or left "unread". (I can't stand the way Outlook marks my mail "read" and makes it so hard to mark a message unread again. And vice-versa.)

Plus I can view or hide "read" mail and "bulk" mail from the Active view with a single button click for each. I know people who manage their email in a similar fashion by deleting email that they are done with. I envied them, but I could not delete my email. This is like killing off memories. My brain forgets enough on its own without me making things worse by deleting old emails too.

NEO makes it easy to keep my old mail for my archive without needing to move it somewhere right away. I like to keep old mail partly because my memory isn't as good as I'd like and partly because I consider it a kind of daily journal for posterity. My grandkids might want to know what Grandpa did every day way back in the 2000's!

And then there's the ability to Jump to all related email to a particular correspondent! I use this feature daily to Jump to a view of all the email send to and received from a particular correspondent. I was always frustrated by the way Outlook would not let me view send and received together and the way it would not allow me to view email from multiple folders easily. NEO simply DOES this by default! This seems completely obvious in hind sight, but it hasn't been obvious to Microsoft and they've been at it for almost 10 years.

I also love the way NEO allows me to group multiple email addresses together as a single correspondent. This is SO logical.

The list of great features that save time and allow me to process mail more logically is too long to fully relate here. This doesn't even scratch the surface, but they're the main things I appreciate about NEO.

I love NEO and I can't wait for the next release, and the next, and the next. Microsoft is too complacent to make Outlook this logical and useful. I'm just glad the NEO guys were motivated enough to tackle it.


Tang Weng Sing – IT Manager
Saves 1 to 2 hours a day with NEO

As an IT professional, email has become the main channel of communication with customers, partners, project staff and consultants. While the rise of email as the dominant form of communication is largely due to its ease to be persisted (for archival purposes) among other factors, it is also the main contributing cause to the demise of email.

In my profession, it is critical to store all the emails for archival purposes and it is no wonder that over a span of several years, the email archive, kept with the initial premise of easy retrieval, turns into an overwhelming quagmire of emails that one gets trapped in.

It is really a challenge to be able to quickly and easily retrieve the relevant mails of correspondences when the need arises. How do I achieve that before NEO comes into the picture? I consciously and semi-dutifully classify the incoming mails into their appropriate folders, which takes up a whole lot of my time. This seems to me as increasingly impossible given the number of emails that floods my account daily. In conjunction, I also made use of the Search function of Microsoft Outlook, which seems to abide to the SLOW and STEADY principle. I would prefer FAST and STEADY though, which NEO did.

I want my cake and I want it my way. I want to be able read my emails, and retrieve them easily, but NOT having to spend time managing them. NEO makes that possible. Now my emails are automatically classified according to correspondents, dates, status and bulks (for my newsletter subscriptions) without the need to lift a finger. Important correspondents such as my customers are flagged out automatically under the "Hot" view so that I filter out all incoming emails from them immediately at a glance.

Of course, NEO offers a great deal of other nifty features that pampers me beyond a doubt. Truly, and finally, there is an email program that is created by someone who actually USES emails.

Lastly, from the technical front, I like the way that NEO unobtrusively sits on top of Microsoft Outlook, making absolutely no changes to the latter. The concept of having multiple views (or indexes) of one physical copy of email is pretty neat! Now, I can have an email and have it logically and intuitively classified as both "Technical" and "Customer XYZ", without creating copies of the email.

NEO is simple, fast and most importantly, lets you use emails the way it should have been.


Julian Moorhouse – IT Manager
Saves 1 to 2 hours a day with NEO

I am one of several people in my company that uses NEO as my email organizer. Being an IT manager, I get a lot of emails each day. Here are some points about the main uses and benefits NEO gives me:

Any search, regardless of your mailbox's size, is almost instantaneous. When performing the same search in Outlook (5000+ emails in multiple folders), it is miserably slow. If you are on the phone and need to find an email you received a year ago that is hidden somewhere within your mailbox, this can be incredibly handy (yes I have done this before).

Since the only feature I use in Outlook other than email is the calendar, I simply consider Outlook as my calendar and Neo as my email client. After all, both programs are a simple alt-tab away. As far as I am concerned, using alt-tab to switch between email and calendar is no more time consuming than switching from email to calendar views in outlook.

In regards to the difference between outlook and Neo, the thing that stands out the most for me is the Active mail view. Since upon receipt, the majority of emails I receive are filed away in different folders through the use of rules. Active mail view in Neo makes a once time consuming task simple. Before Neo, when I opened outlook in the morning, all new mail is processed against my rules and any that matched got moved to their relevant folders. Then because outlook gives no indication of where any new emails received are moved to, I have to scan down the "folder list" and look inside every folder that has unread mail in it. This was quite a pain and in the end I decided to remove most of my rules and process/move each email as I read them. With Neo, I can still have outlook rules moving all new emails into the right folders, but instead of then having to open several folders in order to read my new mail, all I have to do is open up Neo's "Active mail view" and there are all of my new emails in one long list, regardless of what folder they are stored in.

Another example is that if you have an email in your inbox that you have read and want to file away in a folder somewhere, but still needs to be acted upon. In outlook, your choices are to either keep it in your inbox and marking it as unread, risking the possibility of it getting lost amongst every other email in your inbox, or file it away in a folder risking the possibility of forgetting to check that folder at a later date. In Neo, you can still neatly file the email away in its relevant folder, but also either keep it active so it shows up in your "active mail view", or you can drag it into your "to do" folder which is simply a shortcut to the actual email stored somewhere else. Then, when you have acted upon the email, you simply set the email as inactive and it will disappear off the "active mail view" but still be stored in what ever folder you put it in.

I fully recommend this product as the best email organizer around since as far as I am concerned; there is nothing out there that comes close to being able to be compared to NEO.


Jenn Davis – Technical Consultant
Saves 2 to 3 hours a day with NEO

I work as the technical consultant to several high-ranking managers at an IT federal consulting firm. My job is to review, consolidate and report on all IT projects currently on task. We currently support 6 main project groups and over 50 individual tasks.

Every day I get emails that need to be reviewed and consolidated. Neo is a godsend for helping me quickly spot important emails.

One of the most important features for me is the ability to easily re-sort messages according to correspondent. I can find all the emails from the CIO quickly, without having to sort and re-sort the mailbox.

The other incredible feature of NEO is the ability to view all my attachments in one place. Outlook is the document sharing system used by all managers - and I can get the same document sent several times in several revisions. With the attachments tab, I can stay on top of where the document is and who has the latest copy.

Lastly - and just a crucial - is the search capability. The ability to index ALL the mail against a single word or phrase has become mission-critical to my daily routine.

I learned of Neo from an online review - and I'm GLAD I did!


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