Kurt Ricci - Civil Engineer
Saves 1 hour a day with NEO

I use NEO every work day to manage my e-mail, as I get 50 to 60 e-mails a day. I never realized how difficult it was to keep up with the messages in Outlook until I tried NEO. Now I never look at my e-mail in Outlook.

I mostly use the Active Mail/Hot tab section to keep track of the action items. Using the F12 button to make them Inactive allows me to go to the Correspondent section at any time to check on how an issue was solved.

I used to rely on sub folders in Outlook, but that made it difficult when you had to try and look at received and sent e-mail for the same person. NEO puts all the e-mails for one contact in the same folder, as well as whomever was copied with the message.

I put my boss and any important clients as Hot Correspondents. That way I can distinguish their immediate concerns from the others.

I also use the Bulk Mail section for newsletters I subscribe to so I can check them once or twice a week and don't have to bother picking through them to get to my immediate action e-mail.

The Search function is a great tool when you want to find something quickly and don't quite remember when you dealt with the issue.

Great product!! I look forward to seeing what improvements you come up with.