Privacy & Customer Care Policy

This policy statement describes the information collects, why we collect it and how it is used. If you have any questions, we encourage you to email us.

How We Care

  • We never give any information about you to any other company, nor will it be sold or traded in any way.
  • We won't email you promotional messages without your explicit approval.
  • We put a clear opt-out option on every message we send.
  • We want to care for you in just the right way. If it's too much care, let us know. We respect that.

Why We Ask for Information

Caelo asks for information to improve and promote our products.

We ask for your name or email address when you download or purchase to be able to notify you of product updates, features and promotions. It's entirely optional but we think you'll like what you get. We sometimes offer promotional programs that may require you to sign up.

It's Easy to Opt Out - You can email us Directly

On every message we send, there is a link you can click to opt out. You can also email your wishes to us directly.

How & Why We use Cookies

We also offer promotions that reward people who encourage others to purchase NEO.

We associate a "referrer" to purchasing friends/associates using cookies. Here's how we use them. Suppose you "refer" a friend to NEO. To do this your friend clicks through to via a link that uniquely but privately identifies you. When your friend clicks the link, we put a cookie on the friend's computer. When they purchase NEO, we see if that cookie exists. If it does, we read it and are able to determine that you were the referrer. That way we can reward you.

As with all other personal information, we keep all affiliate information private too.

Other Things We Want you to Know

  • When we communicate with you, we may from time to time also tell you about products that we think might be of interest to you. Note that Caelo will never share your email address or any other information about you with any other company, and we never send email to you without your permission.
  • Many people comment on how great NEO is or how it has helped them. We may use such comments in our promotions in an anomonous way without permission, but will always ask permission before using your name, or any other information that specifically identifies you.
  • If you purchase NEO, we may from time to time mail printed materials to you. As a customer follow-up service, we occasionally telephone our purchasers.
  • Naturally, we have no control over the content and privacy practices of other sites linked to from
  • Your information may be transferred and stored across national boundaries. Not intended to sound ominous – it's just that the Internet "knows no borders".
  • We don't plan to make material changes to our policy. However, whenever we do make a change we will update this page, and date it at the bottom.

Thanks for you time!

We welcome your comments on our privacy and customer care policy. As we mentioned before, we want to get it right. If you have suggestions or concerns, please contact us.

The Caelo Team

Update date: 3 July 2003