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Buying, Registering, Updating

How to buy NEO

All information about purchasing and upgrading NEO Pro is contained in our online store.


How to register your license

Your license

Registering your license simply means entering your License Code and License Key into NEO so that we can enable your product for permanent use. We don't collect any personal information other than the code and key (unless you provide it to us in our opt-in form).

To use any NEO product you must have a license.

When you first start NEO Pro we automatically issue an Evaluation License to you that is valid for the evaluation period. When the evaluation period is over you won't be able to continue to use NEO Pro until you receive a permanent License.

When you purchase NEO Pro you will be sent an email containing your License Code and a License Key. These two components work together. If you change any part of either one, you won’t be registered.

Entering your license information

1.     Click License on the Help tab.

2.     Enter your License Code and License Key exactly as provided to you, including upper and lower case. You may find it easiest to copy and paste it from the email we sent you.

3.     Click Activate.  If invalid, check the email message you received it on and try it again.

Important: NEO licenses are valid for minor version upgrades (4.0 to 4.1) only. For a major version upgrade (from 4.x to 5.x) the license can be upgraded. Click "Get Evaluation License" to try a new major version free during the evaluation period.

4.     Click OK.

Please Note: Individual licenses can only be activated on a single system. Site Licenses can be activated for the number of computers the license was issued for (e.g. a site license with 100 seats can be activated on 100 systems).

Transferring your license to another computer

Before you can use your license on another computer, the license first needs to be deactivated on the initial system.
Older product versions may not have a Deactivate function in which case this step can be skipped

1.     On the original system click License on the Help tab.

2.     Note down your license code and key to transfer to your other system. Click Deactivate - your NEO product will now close.

3.     On the other system, repeat the initial steps of entering license information as outlined above.

Failing to deactivate the license as described here may invalidate the license. Members of our Premium Support program can have their license manually deactivated by sending an email to (do provide your Premium Support license information for quick reply). More information and how to join our Premium Support program can be found on the support page of our website.

Reinstalling NEO on an existing system

The license activation process links the license to a unique, encrypted hardware hash of the system in use. Reloading the entire software is not affecting license activation when NEO Pro is reinstalled. Also the activation process is designed to handle routine hardware upgrades on the same system.

Checking for product updates

NEO will automatically check for product updates when you start NEO if you have the option checked to check for product updates on startup.

To manually check whether an updated version of NEO is available:

1. Click the Help tab.

2. Click Check for Updates (online).

This operation compares your version with the latest version available by connecting to our website. You will be told whether or not a new version is available.

Determining Your NEO Version

To determine your NEO version:

1. Click the Help tab.

2. Clicking About NEO Pro.