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Caelo Software selects Slipstream Advantage Group as North American provider of European email efficiency training program



Valkenswaard, – July 20, 2009 - Caelo Software B.V.  announces a strategic alliance with Slipstream Advantage Group to provide its proven email efficiency training in North America.


For several years, Caelo partner e-Less for less e-stress  has been helping European companies overcome the elusive email overload problem with its successful 3-Step Email Efficiency Training™. The program works when others have failed because it integrates all three of the aspects necessary to achieve email efficiency: communication practices, an optimized email workflow, and a supporting technology - Caelo's award-winning email organizing NEO Pro product that works alongside Microsoft Outlook.


In looking to extend that training success to North America, Slipstream was the natural partner choice because its founder Tom Gibson has a deep knowledge of email and its use, is the author of email productivity whitepapers, and is a skilled trainer with nearly 30 years experience.  


Slipstream has customized and packaged the program for North American audiences. Three training courses are offered: the Essentials course for remote one-on-one training targeted for busy professionals, its follow-up Booster course, and the full Onsite group training course for maximum team and company-wide efficiency gains.


From Tom Gibson, Slipstream founder and principal trainer:


“In Europe this new approach has been getting fantastic results: 1/2 to 2 hours of daily time savings, an 80% reduction in the number of Inbox messages, a 40% reduction in email stress, and a 25% increase in sense of control. We're pumped about bringing that success to North America. Email continues to be the silent productivity-killer and it's a problem companies still don't know how to address. Now we can help them.”


From Gerard den Hertog, General Manager of Caelo Software:


“Solving email overload and email inefficiencies is not just about new technology or yet another email tool. Only when communication principles and a correct workflow are complemented with the right technology a major step forward can be made. Therefore we have partnered the last several years with e-Less to optimize the match between NEO Pro and time management principles. That’s what makes the 3-step program so powerful. We are delighted to team up with the Slipstream Advantage Group to bring this program to the North American market.”



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