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Susan Dennis – Marketing Communications
Saves 2 hours a day with NEO

I handle the Marketing Communications for a small (50 employees) startup. The size and personality of the company means I do about a dozen different jobs from writing and publishing marketing collateral to boxing up and tracking shipments of t-shirts to sales people.

In addition to dealing with about a dozen VIP's every day, I also deal with about a dozen hot projects and they often overlap. I tried a wide variety of mail sorting schemes. Some of them were pretty good but none were easy enough for me to find time to keep up.

Plus none of them accounted for attachments. Just this morning I needed to find a jpg file that was sent to me last May or was it June or did I send it? Using my attachments tab, it took me about a nano second to locate it. Had I had to rely on my own schemes, I'd still be looking.

I don't have to 'file it and forget it' - I can just skip right to the 'forget it' part!


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