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Lawrence Gans, MD - Ophthalmologist
Saves 1 hour a day with NEO

I have been using Microsoft Outlook since it was first introduced and I have tried other PIMs with email along the way. I receive over 150 email daily from professional mailing lists, correspondents, business suppliers, patients, all the staff and doctors in the 7 offices of my medical practice, family, and, of course, the usual junk.

While Outlook could sort these into folders, I would lose track of patient or doctor messages that needed prompt response. My inbox would be cluttered with mail from many days back that needed attention, or Outlook would sort them to peripheral folders where they could be forgotten.

NEO provides the ideal solution. The mail gets sorted by Outlook as before, but now I can keep the active mail together until I have dealt with them. I can keep email in the TODO folder until I have responded or acted on the information. All this is done by NEO without disrupting my system of filing.

Lastly, I was constantly searching for attachments that were on email with obscure subject lines. Now I can list all the attachments and sort them by name, sender, date, or any way I need to find that spreadsheet or clinical photo that I need. What a timesaver!


Kenneth Shaw – Medical Researcher
Saves 1 hour a day with NEO

I use Outlook as my file cabinet and before NEO I was always struggling with finding stored information. I have over 40,000 emails stored and NEO has effectively categorized them so searching and retrieval of information, contacts, phone number...etc is extremely fast. The way Neo is setup also makes it easy to see important information and seems natural to me.

I deal a lot with outsourcing projects and NEO is able to keep all the email correspondence neat and organized in a manner that was not achievable wit Outlook alone. Neo is the best product I have seen to encourage the paperless office. My administrative assistant now has more time to do more work as I can instantly access all my records. The system even works well with encrypted mail programs for high security messages.


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