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Rick Byham - Personnel Manager
Saves 2 hours a day with NEO

With NEO, I commonly process (read and respond to) around 60 emails per day and that in just a few hours.

As a personnel manager responsible not only for recruiting but also developing prospective employees, I have to track people over long periods of time - sometimes for up to three years. Imagine that email flow! So how do you track a three year old conversation in Outlook? Good luck! Can't do it, unless you have NEO.

An Outlook user now for about 5 years, I have accumulated (because I never delete and neither should you) about 15,000 emails some are 5 years old because like I said, I never delete. In Outlook, 15,000 emails up to five years old, is almost unmanageable (unless of course you never need to find one that you received a 3 years ago). Outlook just was not designed to help us find the needle in that haystack. But with NEO and its ability to catalogue all my emails, I can search on any word in any email (of any age) that I have in my Outlook. And it takes a maximum of 6 seconds. In NEO I click on search, type in my word, click on search now, and BAM! I have it. Guaranteed every time! I love it. No more deleting for me. And no more printing of emails for filing. Because NEO always knows where they are. Why Outlook does not do that is a major mystery to me. Anyway, I now have complete confidence that if I need to lay my hands on an email message received two years ago, NEO can find it for me in seconds. The peace of mind that brings is very empowering. NEO puts me in control and I love that.

Barry Rubenstein - Human Resources Manager
Saves a 1/2 hour a day with NEO

When I first came across NEO, I was amazed at how easy it made the email overload issue. I receive upwards of 50 emails on a daily basis. The way in which NEO helps to organize the emails is astounding. The search capability and the hot folders aspects of the program are outstanding. It literally takes seconds to find something that used to take SEVERAL MINUTES to find simply trying to search with Outlook.

As a consultant, it is critical that I can review and respond to email messages promptly. NEO allows me to do this in a way I didn't think possible.

I have recommended NEO to other colleagues who struggle with email overload. They too, feel similarly - this program is the best one developed so far. I look forward to the updates as this has become an invaluable tool.


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