Mark W. Shemaria – CPA
Saves 3 hours a day with NEO

I am a CPA and financial management systems consultant. I can have as many as 10 engagements going on at one time and primarily communicate with clients via email. A few clients prefer to send me an email when they are ready to begin conference calls and they are typically not at the previously scheduled time. Consequently, I need to only know about the most urgent emails that I receive.

All of my emails stay in two folders: received and sent.

NEO automatically, totally automatically, without any programming, fiddling etc, completely catalogs over 200 messages I receive every day into correspondent, status, time frame, attachment. I am able to process all of my emails in an orderly and productive manner by starting with correspondents that I flag in NEO as hot.

I use NEO as my primary storage method of documents that I send and receive by email and can easily retrieve any document/attachment using the search function from the attachment tab.

The program easily prioritizes my emails into the hottest issues and allows me to focus my attention and time. It is a nearly bullet proof application that I put through rigorous paces every day. My email message store spans over 5 years and contains 5,000 messages of important history.

I use NEO in conjunction with ACT! as my contact manager and calendaring application. NEO easily recognizes my ACT! email addresses as soon as they are entered.

I have complete confidence that I can focus on my daily work and know that when a hot message comes in during the day the NEO bell will ring and the NEO caller ID will tell me whose message just arrived.

Steve Kohn – Investment Banker
Saves 1 hour a day with NEO

I use my computer to manage many interests in my life. With 70-90 e-mails a day, excluding Spam, going through my e-mail, picking out the important, the need to act, the must read, the hobby, the fun to read is an agony. Unless I am in my office all day (which is not too often) separating the wheat from the chaff has been almost impossible. By the time Friday afternoon rolls around, when I like to do a major clean-up, the task is just too daunting. And finding what I need becomes almost impossible.

In five days I have established just the e-mail organization I need. News bulletins flow into a special Correspondent folder, as do key news stories. My primary correspondents and partner have their own folders.

Much of the bulk mail I receive is important (although I now have a special junk box). Each of 10 vital subjects has its own folder and I can see an immediate saving.

Now, instead of hating to sit down and see how far behind I am, I can tell exactly where I should be. Nelson is like having a great secretary!