John Oliver – Service Manager - Mining
Saves 1 1/2 hours a day with NEO

As the service manager for a mining manufacturing company I manage directly some 20 units of mining equipment that represents a capital investment of 150M USD and some 280+ employees at 5 district locations in 3 countries. I receive on average more than 75 emails per day. Often I travel and when I do I am not always able to connect to my email. When this happens, (multiple times per month) I am faced with the chore of slugging through literally hundreds of emails per day with more coming in all of the time. Before NEO I would often spend a whole business day getting through these, now I can easily manage this task within a few hours. Additionally the filing that I used to try and manage is completely taken over by NEO, it cross files all my correspondence and this combined with the search capabilities is amazing. I can find within minutes one message among the 8,000 or so I maintain in my message store, awesome!

Adam Platt – Director
Saves 1 hour a day with NEO

I manage staff both in London and in five regional centers around the globe. This "distant" management requires me to communicate constantly with the managers and staff in these officers. I have to prioritize the emails I deal with to ensure that urgent matters are dealt with. I receive up to 60 per day and reply too many of those, and originate probably another 20. I find that NEO allows me to follow the threads of an email conversation with a particular addressee, thus avoiding the randomness of dealing with emails in time order only as in Outlook

I also travel a good deal and return to find large numbers of emails awaiting my attention. I work through these quickly by using the correspondent groupings, finding that several emails on the same subject can be dealt with very quickly.