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Common Questions


If you don't find the answer to your question here, please click Support (online) on the Help menu. For downloading, installing or licensing questions, see next section.

Using NEO

Can I continue to use Outlook?

Yes, NEO is meant to work with Outlook and does not stop you from using any of Outlook's features, or from using Outlook without NEO. However, when using NEO, we recommend that you always start Outlook first. You can easily move into and out of Outlook, and your Outlook messages are always up to date and safe.

What's the best way to start NEO?

Enable the option to automatically start NEO when Outlook starts, and start Outlook in your normal way.

Does NEO store copies of Outlook messages?

No. NEO stores indexes (shortcuts) to your Outlook messages. However, if you create a message in NEO the message will appear in your Outlook message folder. Similarly if you delete a message in NEO it will be deleted in Outlook. You can also move messages between Outlook folders from within NEO and the move takes place within Outlook.

Where are my Outlook folders?

You can still use your Outlook folders and your Outlook rules. Your Outlook folders are accessible from NEO through the Outlook view. You can even make an Outlook folders hot.

Does NEO work with all parts of Outlook?

NEO focuses on email, but does provide quick access to your Calendar, Tasks, and so on. There are, however, some parts of Outlook that NEO does not integrate with:

1.     Public Folders (in Exchange).

Does NEO work with IMAP message stores included in Outlook?

Yes, NEO Pro can also organize all messages included in the IMAP message store as visible in Outlook.

What is Active Mail?

Active Mail gives you more control in managing your incoming email.

When I move a message it doesn’t appear to move!

Messages in NEO appear in more than one place at the same time, and the folders are created automatically for you based on the characteristics of your message alone. You can’t drag messages to most NEO folders.

However, if you move a message from say, Today, to an Outlook folder, the message is moved from your Outlook folder (probably Inbox) to the folder you specify. However, it still appears in the Today folder because it is still a message you received today. Likewise, for Correspondent and most other NEO folders.

How do I make folders hot?

Right-click the folder you want to make hot, and click Make Hot. If it is already hot, clicking Hot will make it un-Hot. You can make any folder in NEO hot, including Outlook folders.

How do I exclude Spam folder messages from showing in NEO?

You can designate folders that are to be excluded from NEO's organizational folders like Correspondent folders. You choose your spam folders when you create a catalog, but you can also specify that setting as a Folder Property for any Outlook user-defined folder (right-click the folder and choose Folder Properties).

How do I create a Group folder?

Right-click in a view's Folder List and choose New Folder. When the dialog appears, if there is a Folder type choice at the top, choose 'Group folder'.

Note that you can create Group folders in any NEO view except Hot and Outlook. Also, you must be in Folder List Tree sort order.

Search didn't find a message it should have

The most likely reason is that it was a very recent message. Like the web, NEO makes searches fast by indexing words in the messages. However, it only does this at certain times - the default is every 60 minutes. You can change how often NEO does a word index.

How do I exclude Deleted Items and Excluded folders from my search?

See Excluding Excluded and Deleted Items when searching.

How do I hide Sent mail from NEO folders?

Except for Active Mail, all NEO folders automatically display both sent and received mail. You can use the Direction filters on the Filter toolbar to show Sent, Received or both types of mail.

How do I add a message store?

You can organize more than one message store in your catalog. To add another message store (or change what message stores are included in your current catalog), click Application Button| Message Stores. Note that a message store must be in your current profile (i.e., visible in your Outlook Folder List) to be able to add it to your catalog. Also, note that you must restart NEO after adding new messages stores in Outlook so that NEO can see them.

How do I copy a message?

Right-click-drag the message or messages from the List Pane to the folder you want to copy it/them to. When you release the mouse button, you will be given the choice to copy or move.

How do I stop connecting to the Internet in the Reading Pane?

Like Outlook, when an HTML message in the Reading Pane needs an object from the Internet, it automatically goes and gets it (subject to your Connection tab option settings in Internet Explorer).

You can completely prevent NEO from getting those images (whether you are connected or not, and regardless of other settings) by setting an option.

What Outlook folder is my message in?

Look on the Reading Pane header. The Outlook folder a message is stored in is labeled Folder. It can be Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts or any user-defined folder.

To see all the locations in NEO where a message is stored, look at the message properties. Right-click the message in the message list pane and choose Message Properties.

Where are my Personal Folders (PSTs)?

NEO Pro can work with all your message stores (PSTs). You can add more message stores via Application Button | Catalogs | Message Stores.

Why are there Read messages in the Unread folder?

During our usability testing, we found it disconcerting for a message to disappear the moment we changed its read status to read. As a result, read messages remain in the Unread folder for at least one hour and less than two hours, then automatically disappear. This can be disabled by going to Tools | Options | Miscellaneous tab.

I get a startup message about my default email program

For some versions of Outlook, NEO requires that Microsoft Outlook be configured as your default email program. NEO detects this and reports it to you each time you start NEO. Ensure "Microsoft Outlook" is your default email program. To change the setting: click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, then double-clicking the Internet Options icon. Click the Programs tab, then choose Microsoft Outlook as the E-mail program. Do not choose Outlook Express..

It could be that NEO will work well for you even if you get this message. If  NEO does work for you, you can disable the message by adding the following key in your registry.

   HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Caelo\NEO Pro\4.0\Options\NoDefaultClientCheck

as a Dword value set to 1.  This will disable checking on startup. You should be very careful when modifying your registry. If you have any questions, please send an email to

Why can’t I see my attachment?

If you have the Microsoft E-mail Security Update installed you will not be able to open or save certain file types. Please consult your Microsoft Outlook documentation for more information.

Some messages appear incorrectly addressed to or from me, or addresses addressed to me appear in Bulk Mail

Have a look at your addresses. If someone else's address is in your 'your address' list, or if all of your addresses are not in there, your email will not show correctly.

What NEO and Outlook folders is a message in?

Right-click the message in the list pane then click Message Properties. You will see a list of all the views and folders the message is in.

NEO doesn’t start properly

NEO will not start and will report errors if email is improperly configured on your computer.

Some startup problems can also occur because of interaction with other email-aware programs you may be running. We can help solve these conflicts. Please contact us.

Can I delete all messages from a correspondent by deleting the correspondent folder?

Yes, but be careful. You will also delete all other messages to which that correspondent was an addressee.

Where do I set my print options?

Your print options are set in Outlook. However, you can set print options temporarily by using Print on the File menu on the open message window.

How often should I synchronize?

It depends on how you are using NEO, and on whether you are an Exchange Server user. See topic 'Synchronizing with Outlook'.

How does the NEO Sync differ from Outlook Synchronize?

NEO Sync synchronizes your message store (Exchange mailbox, PST or OST) with the NEO catalog (where NEO stores all of its data).

Outlook Synchronize applies only to Exchange users who have enabled offline access. It synchronizes your Exchange mailbox with your offline message store (OST). It is not related to NEO's synchronize.

Can I use a memory drive for my NEO catalog?

Yes, you can. Especially when having a large Outlook system, a memory drive can make NEO’s performance even better by placing its catalog on it. Make sure to use a memory drive product which saves and restores its contents upon system shutdown/restart. Also in this case make sure the backup location of your NEO catalog is on different location than the memory drive to be protected against system or memory drive failures. You can define a new backup location on the Catalog Properties screen (through the File menu). A memory drive can be safely used as NEO is not copying any of your messages but merely keeps references to your messages in its catalog which can always be rebuild from backup in case of failures..

How do I back up my NEO data?

NEO automatically backs up critical files for you, and you can backup those catalog files manually too. See chapter on Catalogs for more information.

How do I report a problem?

Click 'Get Support…' on NEO's Help tab.

Downloading, Installing, Licensing ...

Is the trial version of NEO Pro different from the "final" version?

No. In fact the trial version is the final version. When you purchase NEO Pro we send you registration information that you enter into the NEO you first downloaded. Simply by entering the registration information, the trial period is removed and you're all set.

Why do I need a license for NEO Pro evaluation?

NEO Pro evaluation is free of charge but still requires a license to manage the evaluation period. It just takes a few seconds to connect to our server to get a license. No personally identified information is transferred in that process (without your permission).

Do I have to re-download on purchase?

No. All you need to do is enter the registration information that we email to you.

How often can I download?

As often as you like. If you do download more than once, we suggest you use the same email address as previously.

What NEO Pro upgrades do I get for free?

If you are an unlicensed user you are entitled to download and try out any version of NEO provided your trial period has not expired.

If you are a licensed user you are entitled to all versions of the same major version level. For example, if you purchased version 4.0, you are entitled to free upgrades for all 4.x versions (e.g. 4.1, 4.2, etc.).

How do I know I have the latest version?

Select Help | Check for Updates

How do I permanently register NEO Pro?

When you purchase NEO you will be sent registration information and instructions on how to register.

Am I sent the "final" version?

No we don't send anything except the registration information. The trial version actually is the final version. Simply by entering the registration information, the trial period is removed and you're all set.

Do I have to re-register when I upgrade NEO?

You'll automatically stay licensed if you are upgrading the same major version (e.g., 4.0 to 4.1).

If you are upgrading to a new major release (for which we offer an upgrade price), you will need to enter new registration information.

Will I stay licensed if I upgrade my computer?

See “Buying, Registering and Updating” for more information.

What if I lose my registration information?

Connect to our support page online and click the link "Resend License Information".

Is NEO easy to uninstall?

Yes. Outlook settings are never changed and all your messages are left intact. By the way, Outlook always continues to get messages whether you are using NEO or not. See topic "Uninstalling NEO".