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What is NEO Pro

A new way to think about email

If you’ve been struggling to organize your email, it’s no wonder. As email piles up in your Inbox you soon become swamped – if you organize by folder you’re continually filing messages, and if you don’t, you can’t find messages when you need them.

The problem with email programs is they shoehorn you into an Inbox/folder mentality – they only show your messages in one way. You can filter them but you can’t easily view the same messages in different ways.

Think of NEO Pro as an intelligent email sorter. It automatically organizes your email in all the ways you think about email – by date, by correspondent, by mailing list, by attachment, and so on.

Finding messages is a breeze

Your messages automatically appear in more than one location at the same time. That makes finding them much, much easier, and when you do need to search, our search is lightning fast.

Companion product for Microsoft Outlook

Nelson Email Organizer is a companion product for (32 bit) Microsoft Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002(XP), 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. It works with the Internet mail only, corporate and workgroup, and Exchange Server platforms.

NEO Tutorials

Getting to know NEO Pro using our online tutorials is time well spent. There are several bite-sized videos to choose from. We suggest you start with the NEO Primer.

How NEO Pro Works with Microsoft Outlook

NEO is an add-on product to (32 bit) Microsoft Outlook and works with Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and Exchange Servers 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Alternative interface for your email

NEO Pro is an alternative interface for the email component of Outlook. NEO Pro is not intended to replace the other features of Outlook. You can easily switch between NEO Pro and Outlook, and interact with some components of Outlook.

Although you must have Outlook installed, you don’t have to have Outlook open to use NEO Pro.

Using Outlook features from NEO Pro

Wherever practical, NEO Pro was designed to work the same as complementary features in Outlook. You can compose, reply, reply all, forward, send/receive, mark read, and so on - the usual message actions – all from within NEO Pro.

Here are Outlook actions you can take from within NEO Pro:

·         Switch quickly to Outlook, or switch to an area in Outlook such as contacts, calendar (see the Outlook command on the NEO Pro toolbar).

·         Open a new item in Outlook such as a new appointment (see the New dropdown on the NEO Pro toolbar).

·         Open the Outlook contact record for any NEO Pro Correspondent , or create a new one (right-click any message or name folder).

·         Drag and drop messages to non-email Outlook folders such as contacts and journal.

NEO Pro also depends on some settings configured in Outlook.

Same message store

Your email messages are not duplicated in NEO Pro – the messages remain stored in your Outlook or Exchange Server message stores.

Like Outlook, NEO Pro interfaces with your underlying message stores. When messages arrive into your message store, NEO Pro is notified. When you send or delete messages from NEO Pro, your message store is updated in exactly the same way it is when you send or delete from Outlook.

Indexing and the Catalog

NEO Pro works by creating indexes to your messages and storing the indexes in a separate NEO Pro catalog. Whenever messages are sent, received or updated in the message store, NEO Pro automatically updates the indexes in the catalog.

Normally you would include all your message stores in a catalog.

How NEO Pro works with Exchange Server

NEO Pro works with Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes.

However, NEO Pro is an email organizer. It does not organize other Outlook object types such as calendar items, journal items, and note items although it does provide ways to interact with them.

Here are some notes about using NEO Pro with Exchange Server:

NEO Pro is a client-side product

That means NEO Pro installs and operates completely on your computer. There is nothing about NEO Pro that gets installed on the server or that is related to Exchange Server. In fact, Exchange Server is completely unaware of NEO Pro.

You can organize your Mailbox and your PSTs

You can include your mailbox and as many PSTs as you like in your catalog. NEO Pro will give you a seamless view to all your messages. NEO Pro makes it appear as though it's all in your Mailbox.

Using your offline message store (OST)

When using Offline mode or Cached Exchange Mode it is best to delete messages from within NEO Pro. If messages are deleted outside of NEO Pro (in Outlook or via an Outlook Rule), they may not disappear from NEO Pro until a Full Sync is performed.

Offline mode using Outlooks prior to Outlook 2003

If you have offline access enabled (you use an offline message store), you should select all your email folders for OST/Mailbox synchronization. In addition, you should not set filters for your folders.

You will not lose messages when you do this; however, if you do not include all your folders NEO Pro may spend quite a bit of time removing and adding messages in the catalog each time you switch between your OST and your mailbox.

If you have instructed Outlook to automatically Outlook synchronize your Exchange mailbox with your OST when exiting an online session, you must shut down Outlook without NEO Pro running for the synchronize to be performed.

Cached Exchange Mode

NEO Pro works normally with Cached Exchange Mode.

Reminder – Synchronize each time you re-connect to the LAN

Whenever you re-connect to the LAN, you must synchronize to update NEO Pro with new messages from your mailbox. Note that you can configure NEO Pro to automatically Fast Sync on startup, or get general information about syncing.